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Our Story

Studio 45 is a newly formed creative space founded by two sisters from California and Taiwan. 

"As artists ourselves, we have always been passionate about taking workshops and classes, exploring different art mediums, and being a part of a community.

Studio 45 has been a recurring concept that has been discussed for years, and in 2023, we finally decided to take the leap and bring our vision to life. 
Studio 45 is named after us being the 4th and 5th children in our family. Our cultural and family background played a huge role in both our identities and the way we express art. 
Our goal is to create a fun, open, and creative space to connect the community through art."


About Us

Vivian Wu


"The mom, the older sister, the grown-up in this duo, but still made up of 100% chaos, through and through. A pretend grown up trying to be a grown up. Usually a nice person except when it comes to my sister"

Alie Wu


"I want to start by apologizing to this upcoming community. I have severe Allergies and Rhinitis. Please please please excuse me when you see me sneezing 100 times in 2 minutes, or dashing for a toilet paper roll at the speed of 200 MPH."

Boba Wu

Board Member

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