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So Do It: Art Challenge

Join artist/curator duo M’Kenzy Cannon & Maya Rubio, your hosts for an interactive evening of creative mini-games featuring surprise art materials, timed challenges, and artistic improvisation! Nothing like a silly prompt to get your brainstorm on, fight artist-block, and free your creative flow. We will cap off the evening with a walk-through appreciation of everyone’s work. Bring your friends, make some new ones, and let’s play!

March 1st,

Here is how our sliding scale works:

Base fee $10: This covers the essential material costs required to successfully run the event.

Break Even Fee $15: This covers all event costs, such as materials and resources. Please note that this excludes the instructor's fee.

Full Support Fee $20: This fee covers all event costs, including materials, instructors, and resources. This enables us to host more events and sustain our studio's endeavors in creating exceptional experiences for our community."

Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to our FAQ page at the bottom of the website.

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