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All Studio 45 workshops are BYOB/Food & Pet Friendly🧡


Picnic Dates
@Mccaren Park

Join us for a picnic date this summer! 

We'll be hosting two picnics in July! We will provide some snacks and drinks but please BYOBlanket!

July 18th session will be a draw each other session! We'll provide art materials and papers. Come alone or bring your friend/partner, we'll pair up and draw each other :)

July 27th will be a telephone pictionary  session! We'll be providing paper and markers for people to paint on! Please note we will not have tables and will just be drawing on our blankets. The instructions are on the bottom of the page.

*All picnics will be held at Mccarren Park! Please check our story or message us on the day of for exact location*

BYOBlanket for both sessions! Hope to see you there!

July 27th, 1–3PM

Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to our FAQ page at the bottom of the website.

Telephone Pictionary:

The game starts with a stack of paper that matches the number of players. 

Then, the first person writes a phrase at the top of the first page, then moves the stack to the person on their left. That person silently reads the phrase, moves the page with the original phrase to the bottom of the stack, and draws a picture of the phrase on the next sheet of paper. Again, the stack moves to the left, and the next viewer studies the photo, moves it to the back of the stack of paper, and writes a phrase related to what they saw on the image.


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