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Weave a Mini Wall Hanging

 Let's weave! In this 2.5 hour workshop you will learn the basics of frame loom weaving from warping the loom, to drafting a design, and to learning basic tapestry techniques, to finishing your woven work. Jessie  will work alongside you, helping you develop your piece through every step of the textile-making process. You will leave this class with a small wall-hanging or “woven drawing”. All materials will be provided and you will take home your frame loom with you. A brief presentation with inspiration will be given. This is a beginner class, but all skill levels are welcome.

February 20th,

About the Host:

This workshop is hosted by Jessie Young, you can learn more about Jessie Young on their website or instagram.

What you will bring home:

  • Your own Mini Wall Hanging!

  • Frame loom

Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to our FAQ page at the bottom of the website.

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